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Historic Resources Group has played a significant role in the City of Los Angeles’s groundbreaking “SurveyLA,” the first comprehensive program to identify potentially significant historic resources throughout the city. Partially funded by a grant from the J. Paul Getty Trust, SurveyLA gathers baseline information on potential historic resources to inform planning decisions and support City policy goals and processes. Unprecedented in its scope and breadth, SurveyLA covers over 880,000 land parcels distributed over wide-ranging and varied geographies. This City-led effort required the development of historic contexts, extensive public outreach, multiple field teams, expert peer review, and the development of proprietary software for the recordation of field data.

HRG has been involved in all phases of the SurveyLA effort, taking responsibility for portions of the historic context that provides the basis for the survey, and helping to develop eligibility standards to aid in the evaluation of properties. HRG conducted pilot surveys to test the field guide methodology and proprietary technology, and spearheaded public outreach efforts that included the development of a web-based guide to public participation. 

HRG has either led the field efforts or participated as a field team since official survey work began in the summer of 2010. Since that time, HRG has conducted surveys in Hollywood, significant portions of the San Fernando Valley, West Los Angeles, San Pedro, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Westlake, Westwood, and Venice.